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Cloud Services

Delivering resilient hosted services to promote flexible working whilst lowering internal resource requirements.

Everyone is talking about it but what does it actually mean?
The IT industry has been talking about the cloud servies for years but the adoption of hosted service has really taken up a pace with the introduction of smarter and faster connectivity solutions.  As a consumer we all embrace the cloud services available to us with services like Spotify, iTunes, Netflix and even Sky’s On Demand services, yet as businesses we haven’t quite trusted their security or resilience.

Xuper Cloud Services
Xuper’s cloud platform delivers reliable services that are backed by our financially guaranteed SLA’s and uptime promises.  Along with resiliency and uptime our platform is also covered by our ISO 27001 Data Security accreditation.

Whether you want your entire infrastructure hosting or just a business critical application that requires a high level of uptime, Xuper can tailor a solution that fits to your needs.

Cloud is the solution that puts you back in control

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