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Our premier backup solution is an award winning solution that comprises of a local backup server for quick and easy restores and virtualisation of entire servers. Our solution comes coupled with full cloud backup, giving you offsite backup of all your files and ability to virtualise any protected servers in the cloud, in the event of a complete site outage. Xuper –Secure Backup is the fully comprehensive backup solution.

You have the ability to configure multiple backup windows on different windows giving you a recovery point objective (RPO) that fits your business. The instant on virtualisation gives you a very low recovery time objective (RTO) allowing your business to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Backups can be virtualised locally to the device or to the secure cloud, instantly, with the click of a button. Should a local disaster occur, your business can continue as usual in the cloud. Even while virtualised, systems can perform a normal backup schedule to both the device and to the cloud.

This is the combination of instant off-site virtualisation and the single click connectivity of instant local virtualisation.
This groundbreaking proprietary technology allows you to identify file or application changes between any two backup points. You can easily find that deleted folder or determine which files a virus has affected.
All data is protected by AES 256 encryption both in transit and in the cloud. You have the option to encrypt data locally, and pass phrases can be specified per appliance or per protected machine to meet compliance regulations.
All solutions are controlled through a central, easy to use web interface. Xuper will con­figure devices, schedule backup reports, monitor off-site amounts and set up alerts, keeping us fully up-to-date on the health of your solution and status of backup.
Devices Support Microsoft Windows operating systems for almost any Windows PC or server that is still in production today. Support currently ranges from Windows 2000 to Windows 8 and Server 2012. Granular recovery is also available for Exchange and SharePoint servers.
Restore full machines quickly and efficiently through our USB Bare Metal Restore process. Go from physical machines to virtual (P2V) or vice versa with our unique dissimilar hardware tool that allows for maximum flexibility when restoring. No drives or cables needed as the system can run completely over the user’s network.
Superior upgrade policy means you can deploy the appliance that fits your needs today, then upgrade later to any larger size in the same line. All models have hot-swappable drive bays so upgrades can be done right in the field.

No more guessing if your backup is working properly. The device boots backups as virtual machines, capturing an image of the login page to give you visual proof that your data has been successfully backed up. An industry first.

This proprietary technology eliminates broken backup chains. Each time a backup occurs data is converted directly into a virtual machine, with the most recent backup image always being the base image. Data is always available immediately, both on and off-site. No longer do you have to wait for incremental backup images to be stitched into the full backup to get you up and running.

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