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Hosted Unified Comms

Unified communication solutions provide end to end management of your business communication and collaboration that enables productivity.

At the centre of every business lies the need to communicate. The ability to engage, through various methods of communication, with staff, customers and potential targets has never been greater.

Unified Communications Solutions
Partnering with Xuper to deliver your unified communication services will allow you to benefit from industry leading technologies such as Microsoft Lync or the latest in hosted telephony.

The Need For Speed
Connectivity solutions are getting faster and more reliable and even mobile data speeds are ever increasing with the recent addition of 4G mobile data services.  This means that your workforce or customers need real time access to information and telephony services wherever they are. Our unified communication solutions allow a seamless experience for all regardless of location or technology.

Hosted unified communications allow you to bring all of your internal systems and applications such as Email, CRM, voice calls and messaging into one seamless, rich experience on multiple devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops or desktops.

Wrapping all your communication channels into a single system

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