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Data Centre

There is no such factor as a ‘set and forget’ Data Centre or server space Network vital Physical Infrastructure NCPI. putting in a UPS, keep a copy generator, air con and hearth suppression provisions will shield your knowledge Centre’s mission vital systems however it doesn’t guarantee continual time period.

Air conditioning has filters, UPS have batteries, rooms get dirty. like all moving components or equipment, things wear out and may often fail and most knowledge Centre operators don’t have the inner resources to take care of these potential risks to time period.

With careful style, the consequences of any disruption is minimised – for example; reserve or redundant circuits will give various sources of power while not a clear stage in provide. However, it’s very important that instrumentality is maintained or repaired immediately therefore Xuper give systems that may be mechanically monitored each hour of the day.

Xuper provides the best level of backup and support for an oversized scale Data Centre or smaller server space discovered, through a comprehensive vary of IT support capabilities that include installation, system testing, network integration, on-site maintenance and audit/review services.

Nationwide service and support is provided through Xuper‘s Service Support table that uses one in every of the newest software-based management systems. All service calls square measure closely tracked and monitored from begin to end, therefore we have a tendency to perpetually recognise precisely the standing of any enquiry.

You can decision the Xuper’s Service Support table at any time throughout traditional operating hours. For mission-critical operations we provide a 24-hour, twelve months a year service. The Service Support table is manned by specialist workers who will diagnose associate degrees and solve a customer’s drawback while not the necessity for an engineer visit.

Our service and support cluster consists of a team of totally qualified and extremely toughened engineers and technicians all trained to IEE standards specialising on all aspects of pre and post sales technical support, repair, maintenance and repair support. This aboard customary warranties and maintenance plans, ensures that you just will maintain protection and dependableness in any respect times.

With growing use of mobile devices, social networking, cloud-based applications and intrusions, securing your business vital assets has never been so important.

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