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Has your Cisco maintenance warranty expired? Are you unsure how to go forward? You’re not alone.

When their warranty runs out, many Cisco users find themselves facing a tough decision – do they renew a SMARTnet support contract despite the significant costs involved? Or do they invest in new equipment? Neither option is particularly affordable and it can be difficult to decide on the best course of action. What many people don’t realise, however, is that there is a third option.

Here at Xuper, we offer expert support and maintenance solutions for Cisco switches, routers, and UCS servers. Our team will put together a comprehensive package that meets all of your needs in an affordable, yet reliable manner.

Why Xuper?

When it comes to Cisco Support and Maintenance, we are more than capable of meeting all of your needs and expectations.

The benefits of switching to our Cisco maintenance and support service include:

  • Highly experienced and expertly trained engineers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 24/7 remote monitoring, diagnosis, and repair of your Cisco hardware
  • Outstanding service at unbeatable prices
  • Access to on-site spare parts kit and 100% guaranteed coverage of all system components
  • Flexible service levels that work around you

Supported Systems We support an extensive range of Cisco products, including:

Catalyst 6500
Catalyst 6503
Catalyst 6504
Catalyst 6506
Catalyst 6509
Catalyst 6513
Catalyst 5500
Catalyst 5505
Catalyst 5509
Catalyst 5000
Catalyst 5002
Catalyst 4900
Catalyst 4900M
Catalyst 4928
Catalyst 4948E
Catalyst 4948
Catalyst 4510R
Catalyst 4507R
Catalyst 4506
Catalyst 4503
Catalyst 3000
Catalyst 3020
Catalyst 3120
Catalyst 3550
Catalyst 3560
Catalyst 3750
Catalyst 2000
Catalyst 2950
Catalyst 2960
Catalyst 2970
Nexus 2200
Nexus 2148
Nexus 2224
Nexus 2232
Nexus 2248
Nexus 2232
Nexus B22
Nexus 5000
Nexus 5548
Nexus 5596
Nexus 7000
UCS B200 M1
UCS B200 M2
UCS B230 M1
UCS B250 M1
UCS B440 M1
UCS B22 M3
UCS B200 M3
UCS B250 M2
UCS B230 M2
UCS B420 M3
UCS B440 M2
UCS 5100
UCS 5108
UCS 6100
UCS 6200
UCS C200 M1
UCS C200 M2
UCS C210 M2
UCS C250 M2
UCS C22 M3
UCS C24 M3
UCS C220 M3
UCS C240 M3
UCS C420 M4
UCS C260 M2
UCS C460 M2
UCS 6120XP
UCS 6140XP
UCS 6248UP
UCS 6296UP
Cisco 1801
Cisco 1802
Cisco 1803
Cisco 1811
Cisco 1812
Cisco 1905
Cisco 1921
Cisco 1941
Cisco 2600
Cisco 2610
Cisco 2612
Cisco 2621
Cisco 2651
Cisco 2691
Cisco 2801
Cisco 2811
Cisco 2820
Cisco 2821
Cisco 2824
Cisco 2828
Cisco 2851
Cisco 2901
Cisco 2911
Cisco 2921
Cisco 2950
Cisco 2951
Cisco 3825
Cisco 3845
Cisco 3925
Cisco 3945
Cisco 7201
Cisco 7204
Cisco 7206
Cisco 7301
Cisco 7304
Cisco 7603
Cisco 7604
Cisco 7606
Cisco 7609
Cisco 7613
UBR 10000
UBR 10008
UBR 7200
UBR 7246
ESR 10000
XR 12404
XR 12406
XR 12410
XR 12416
GSR 12000
GSR 12006
GSR 12008
GSR 12010
GSR 12012
GSR 12016
GSR 12404
GSR 12406
GSR 12410
GSR 12416
GSR 12810
GSR 12816

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