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So many IBM customers keep their service contract directly with IBM. Why? Because, in the majority of cases, they believe that it is easier, more efficient, or perhaps the only option.

But, by moving your IBM support and maintenance contracts to an independent, third party provider, such as Xuper, you can save up to 70% of your support annual costs compared to going through IBM directly.

Of course, it’s not all about money and you certainly shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the service you receive. We pride ourselves on offering a service that is not only significantly more affordable than IBM, but also meets, if not exceeds, their service quality point for point.

Each and every one of our IBM engineers is fully qualified and receives on-going training to ensure that they stay at the very top of their game.

Why Xuper?

With a wealth of experience behind us and advanced skills and training on our side, we’d like to think that we stand out from the crowd when it comes to IBM maintenance and support.

Here are just some of the benefits of using our service:

  • Fully trained and qualified IBM engineers
  • Support for hardware, OS, servers, storage, and mainframe
  • Support for all data centre equipment
  • No end of support life (EOSL)
  • Outstanding support at affordable prices

Supported Systems

If your product isn’t listed, don’t worry, we might still be able to help – simply get in touch today to discuss your requirements further.

Our qualified engineers are able to provide support with the following IBM products.

xSeries 3950 X5 7145
xSeries 3850 M4 7141
xSeries 3750 M4 8722
xSeries 3690 X5 7147
xSeries 3650 M4 7915
xSeries 3630 M4 7158
xSeries 3500 M4 7383
xSeries 3300 M4 7382
xSeries 3100 M4 2582
xSeries 205 8480
xSeries 225 8647
xSeries 235 8671
xSeries 100 8486
xSeries 3500 7383
xSeries 3800 7141
DS4000 1710
DS5000 1818
DS8000 2107
DS3500 1746
V7000 2076
DCS3700 2851
XIV 2810-2812
iSeries i795 9406
iSeries i755 9406
iSeries i730 9406
iSeries i780 9406
iSeries i750 9406
iSeries i720 9406
iSeries i770 9406
iSeries i740 9406
iSeries i710 9406
iSeries i570 9406
iSeries i520 9406
iSeries i550 9406
iSeries i520 9406
iSeries i595 9406
iSeries i515 9406
iSeries i570 9406
iSeries i520 9406
iSeries i550 9406
zSeries zEC12 2827
zSeries z114 2818
zSeries z196 2817
zSeries z10 BC 2098
zSeries z10 EC 2097
zSeries z9 BC 2096
zSeries z9 EC 2094
zSeries z890 2086
zSeries z990 2084
zSeries z800 2066
zSeries z900 2064
pSeries p795 9119-FHB
pSeries p755 8236
pSeries p730 8231
pSeries p780 9179
pSeries p750 1710
pSeries p720 8202
pSeries p770 9117
pSeries p740 8205
pSeries p710 8231
pSeries p630 7028
pSeries p595 9119
pSeries p550 9113
pSeries p570 9117
pSeries p520 9111
pSeries p595 9119
pSeries p550 9113
pSeries p52A 9131
pSeries p590 9119
pSeries p505 9115
pSeries p510 9110
pSeries p570 9117
pSeries p55A 9133
pSeries p520 8203
pSeries p560Q 9116
pSeries p51A 9110
BladeCenter JS12
BladeCenter JS22
BladeCenter JS23
BladeCenter JS43
pSeries 610 (7028-6C1 & 6E1)
pSeries 615 (7029-6C3, 7029-6E3)
pSeries 620 (7025-F80, 6F0 & 6F1)
pSeries 630 (7028-6C4, 7028-6E4)
pSeries 640 (7026-B80)
pSeries 650 (7038-6M2)
pSeries 655 (7039-651)
pSeries 660 (7026-H80)
pSeries 670 (7040-671)
pSeries 680 (7017 range)
pSeries 690 (7040-681)
IntelliStation POWER
IntelliStation POWER 265
IntelliStation POWER 275
IntelliStation POWER 185
IntelliStation POWER 285
BladeCenter JS20 (PowerPC 970)
BladeCenter JS21 (PowerPC 970)
System p 550 Express (POWER6)
System p 560 Express (POWER6)
System p 570 (POWER6)
System p 575 (POWER6)
System p 595 (POWER6)
System p5 505
System p5 505Q
System p5 510 (9110-510)
System p5 510 (9110-51A)
System p5 510Q (9110-51A)
System p5 520 (9111-520)
System p5 520Q
System p5 550 (9113-550)
System p5 550 Express(1.9G, 2.1G)
System p5 550Q
System p5 550Q Express (9133-55A)
System p5 560Q
System p5 570 (9117-570)
System p5 575 (9118-575)
System p5 590 (9119-590)
System p5 595 (9119-595)
eServer 710 (9123-710)
eServer 720 (9124-720)
N-Series N3150
N-Series N3220
N-Series N3240
N-Series N3700
N-Series N3300
N-Series N3400
N-Series N3600
N-Series N5200
N-Series N5500
N-Series N5300
N-Series N5600
N-Series N6040
N-Series N6060
N-Series N6070
N-Series N6210
N-Series N6220
N-Series N6240
N-Series N6250
N-Series N6270
N-Series N7600
N-Series N7800
N-Series N7700
N-Series N7900
N-Series N7550T
N-Series N7950T
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