Hardware Maintenance Services
Xuper offers a complete solution for all types of multi-vendor maintenance support. We cover various countries in Europe, USA & Canada, Latin America and Asia.

Customer Satisfaction
Xuper will allocate a dedicated account manager for all clients who are able to address your business needs and will manage all your requirements to ensure that you receive the best quality services. Our customers’ satisfaction levels are maintained high and periodically, all the reports are reviewed to assess the SLA performance of accounts.

Customer Support Team
Xuper have a dedicated customer support team that works round the clock to solve the software and hardware problems that our clients face.  Support issues can be logged via a personalised support portal or our customer support team can always be contacted via phone or email.  They will be glad to assist you and ensure the efficient last mile delivery of our solutions to our clients.

Flexible SLAs
Usually, clients end up paying for services that they do not require as they are part of the package. At Xuper we offer customised plans so that the solutions are cost-effective and customers get maximum value for the prices they pay. Our solutions are customised on an individual basis and are designed based on the requirements of customers, which helps in minimising costs.

Onsite Support
Our onsite expert engineers are experienced to provide best services within the shortest time, so that the systems are up and running at all times. Xuper engineers reach onsite within the shortest time and work hard to ensure that there are no disruptions in service.

Technical Support
Xuper technical support engineers are highly skilled and experienced regarding technical issues, due to which they can identify and classify the problem easily. Based on the problem encountered, the team escalates the issue to the corresponding team, who offer a quick and reliable solution. The response time and closure time of complaints are surprisingly less, thereby ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Logistics Services
Inventory management and logistics solutions ensure that the components are available within required timescales.  Distribution centers and warehouses are strategically located and ensure that the products can reach clients within service level agreements.

Outsourcing Services

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