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Xuper offers relocation services to assist in your organisation’s consolidation efforts

For a variety of reasons, such as being a cloud service provider, you may require the relocation of your IT assets. Whether it’s disaster recovery or active production equipment, Xuper offers relocation services, moving several pieces of equipment to a different site or moving entire systems to a collocation facility at a considerable cost saving to similar services from the OEM.

Our experienced field engineering team will provide you with the convenience of a trusted partner and the confidence of risk reduction. A complete 29 point project plan is mapped out in collaboration with and approved by the customer prior to engagement.

Equipment relocation includes:

  • Determining value and insurance level requirements of the equipment
  • Examination of equipment passage and doorways for clearance
  • Examination of loading and unloading capabilities at both the originating and destination sites
  • Disconnecting and de-installation of the equipment from the network

  • Packaging, loading and transportation of equipment
  • Reinstallation of the equipment including securing any loose hardware
  • Verifying, labelling and tightening of all connections

With the growing use of mobile devices, social networking and cloud-based applications. Securing your business vital assets against intrusions has never been so important.

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