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Wireless Networking

There is nothing more frustrating than using your wireless device and not being able to get a signal that is constantly connected or fast. The use of wireless devices is exploding and on a daily basis more and more organisations are finding their staff are expecting to be able to use their own devices to access company information.

Security concerns, such as allowing the public or employees personal devices to connect to the network and not losing all of your available bandwidth to social media or music streaming, are all genuine issues with Wireless Networks.

If you have any concerns or would like to scope out your requirements then please contact Xuper and our specialist team will be in touch to help you assess which solution is right for you.

Xuper can assist in the following types of Wireless installation:

  • Simple Wifi networks

  • Complex Wifi networks for large networks or Educational facilities

  • Public area Wifi with special Password authentication requirements

  • Point to Point Wireless

  • Business Mobile Solutions on 3G/4G networks

With the growing use of mobile devices, social networking and cloud-based applications. Securing your business vital assets against intrusions has never been so important.

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