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Virtual IT Director

If you’re running a SME business, one of your chief concerns may well be finding the managerial expertise you need to help expand the company and drive it forward, especially in the all-important area of technology. The problem for many is that top-level experience is expensive and paying out massive salaries is just not an option.

Happily, in these fast-moving, interconnected days, there is a viable solution, and it comes in the form of a virtual IT director. So what does that mean? and what could a virtual IT director do for you? Here we have all the details you need to know to help your business prosper.

Think of it like this: you’ve heard about outsourcing, where companies provide services via a third-party firm, because the costs are lower than doing it themselves. Well, here we’re talking about an outsourced IT director – all the expertise, all the vast IT knowledge your company needs to succeed in the increasingly digital economy, but with very few of the costs. Sound good?

Your virtual IT director will be covered for outsourcing under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, or TUPE, and will focus on making your business much more efficient through enhanced management techniques and improved IT. Getting IT staff under TUPE protects your employees and your business, and the costs are minimal compared to hiring full-time management personnel.

Your current IT set-up will be assessed to see if it’s sufficient for your business as it is today, and going well into the future, and you’ll get cost-reduction advice and full support along the way.

An additional, and major, advantage of opting for a virtual IT director is you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort conducting an executive search, or paying a recruitment firm to do it for you – and even then, you might not end up with the person that’s right for your company.

Your virtual IT director, however, will have the expertise your company so badly needs, and they won’t be a drain on any of your resources. No sick days to worry about, no long holidays, no firing or resigning that could leave your company floundering just as you’re trying to flourish.

Plus, it will all be tailored to your firm’s requirements. At the outset, you’ll have a conversation with your service provider about what you want – what’s lacking in your technology infrastructure that urgently needs addressing, how you’re planning to use IT to get ahead of the competition and win new business, how many days a week or month you anticipate you’ll need your virtual IT director and what the cost will be. These and more topics will be discussed and then a tailored plan will be created just for you.

Wherever you are in the world, if you would like to explore more about having a virtual IT director work with your company, and experience significant cost savings, get in touch with the experts at Xuper today. You’ll discover why we’re passionate about IT, and how using our Virtual IT Director service is helping our customers businesses soar.

An outsourced IT director can
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